Saturday, 28 October 2017

Walking - Descartes - Buxeuil - Saint-Rémy-sur-Creuse

Thursday's walk with the Le Grand-Pressigny Randonnee club was taken in conditions that meant that it felt like a summer's day. Joel, our leader, started us off in the delightful gardens at Descartes

Then out of town over the bridge...

Before picking up the marked trail along the river Creuse on the opposite bank.

'Le Pont de la Resistance'

This chap was enjoying the fine day with a more leisurely pursuit.

We find these walks interesting as although we have walked much of the local area there are still many routes that are new to us and you can rely on Joel to make them as varied as possible. So from delightful park to urban factory are all included.

We left the riverside walk at the next bridge and headed over towards Buxeuil where we walked around the pretty church of St Peter which was, sadly, closed.

We then headed over to the site of the old Roman road before climbing uphill into the countryside beyond.

We passed a couple of water spots along the way...

a natural one that looked as if it might be at home in Florida...

and a man-made version where the dogs decided it was time to cool off. 

After a bit of a hike through open countryside we picked up the walk that takes you along the front of 'Ethni-Citi' a collection of troglodyte dwellings overlooking Saint-Remy-sur-Creuse;

From here we could have dropped down to the village but that would have been the easier but less interesting route as we were then led back uphill...

to the church and tower at the top of the cliffs 

Then it was back down to the village and  back towards Descartes along the river.

We passed this beautiful display of Cosmos on the way

On a surprisingly hot day and after 10km it was good to catch sight of Descartes again.

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  1. We have walked part of that route with you I remember the Richard Lionhearts tower. We also walked by the river at Descartes... Looks a great day.