Monday, 26 September 2011

'Ligueil au lait'.

 Yesterday (25th) we attended the 'Fête du Lait' in Ligueil, a village that most people only remember for being difficult to negotiate by car. Yet if you stop and have a look around you will be pleasantly surprised.The village has a pretty little church fronted by lovely floral arrangements, a small tourist office and a couple of options for eating. 

Like most other Loire Valley towns and villages this little place has its annual fetes and festivals. The title 'Fête du Lait' meant we were expecting things obviously relating to milk production or its bi-products but no, try as we may, we could not find anything to associate with this. Maybe we did not look in the right places! What actually attracted us here, was the inclusion of a brocante to the festivities .We had for company, Penny and Ivan, our current Australian guests from 'Le Bourg', they arrived late on Saturday evening so had been unable to pick up their 'Super U' hire car until today. 

We had visited the ever popular Descartes market in the morning before returning to Barrou for lunch. The beautiful weather made for a pleasant afternoon searching through the usual array of all things 'au brocante'. As ever there were a few surprises with my favourite being the 'Cucurbitacees fleurs seches' stall of Ms Gohin from Chatellerault  which displayed the most unbelievable collection of  cucurbit vegetables.

 My own search for my bizarre item was not so fruitful though these two might just sneak in there -the item below is an alligator skin!

Penny and Ivan were delighted with the entertainment we had laid on for them as we took a refreshment at the bar to the side of the church! Plus we may just have got our 'lait' link - 'milkmaids a dancing' non?

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