Saturday, 10 September 2011

Tomatoes anyone?

Our great crop of fresh tomatoes in a number of varieties has meant that I, a previously non tomato eater have actually come to see them in a different light! In fact I would go as far as to say that our beef tomatoes have a taste of their own -delicious. Due to their lack of attention because fortunately the house has been well rented, in the 'nipping & tucking'department  (or is that something else?)  they became a bit 'triffid-like' - but it doesn't seem to have affected their productivity.

These and the other fresh veg. have meant that I have also changed my opinion of ratatouille - of which Pauline does a mean version, I also find the variety of this plant amazing (although not enough to go back to the 'tomato chateau' - more of this later) . I couldn't resist taking this the kitchen, could have made a 'smiley face' but decided to take it 'au naturel'. 

Even with our success it does not stop the kindness of our neighbour who thought we may not have enough 'large' ones - we repaid her with some mighty courgettes as her's had not been very successful.


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