Friday, 9 September 2011

Premier potager.

When we first bought the 'Old Walnut Mill' in Barrou we were delighted to find it had a little garden behind the barn,sadly due to the renovation work at the Le Grand Pressigny house we never did find the time to work on it, so, other than cutting back the weeds we did little to it. It was only  because we had a very mild start to the year that we had the opportunity to start on it. After dividing it into two beds with a central path we planted it up with some success.

We made the usual mistakes of course of planting too many lettuce at one time and ended up having to give them away - which in this part of the world is quite common and you often find 'gifts' on your garden wall.
We have been delighted with the results with a good crop of tomatoes, cucumber, courgettes, beetroot, peppers,chillies and even pumpkins.


We added some wild flowers and dahlias for some colour!

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