Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Seasonal restaurant?

Well here goes! - first post here. Thought that I should start off with today's experience, so bang up to date. I will however drift back in time in future posts  as we have had so many experiences over the years we have lived here.

Today we joined four friends for lunch at the 'Auberge du Vieux Port' in Maire,a very small village the other side of the river Creuse next to Lesigny, in the department of Vienne. Pauline and I had eaten here before but for three of our friends it was a new experience. It is terrific value for money, aperitif, five courses, wine and coffee for 11.50 euro per head and the food's good too! What had amused us on previous visits was the decor - you will find Easter and Xmas decorations throughout the dining room and bar - adding to the 'eclectic feel' of the place.

They are here all year round - a truly seasonal restaurant!

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  1. Hi Jim, I love these little village restaurants - full of character and great value, if sometimes a little scary - must give this one a try! Jean