Friday, 2 December 2011

Window shopping...

We have visited Chatellerault many times since moving here to the Loire Valley. Although it is in the neighbouring  department of Vienne it is within easy reach of our Southern Touraine locations. Our shopping trip last week opened my eyes a little to the fact that it has more to offer than perhaps our earlier visits had indicated. This was probably a lot to do with the fact that we were normally making a frustrating visit to the Orange shop with some problem or other re our phone or 'livebox'. I would have to admit to actually taking a small degree of pleasure from our walk round the shops -lunch stop and coffee stop helped.

As we were doing a bit of window shopping I tried to buy this one but they weren't selling!

ORANGE footnote: Did you know you could be paying too much for your phone and internet service.You should not be paying any more than 40 euros for the package that includes internet and free international calls. Their prices went down but unless you ask for the better deal they do not offer it, they say it's for new subscribers - you have to push for it as it is your entitlement.

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  1. We just had to replace the livebox after 12 months. The service from Orange was first class.

    We like Chatellerault and shop at Auchan every week.