Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Marchés de Noël - Descartes

There wasn't one...

As we were driving to Descartes to check out their Christmas market we were remarking on how it would be the first we had visited without the drizzly rain back drop. Ah well! 

In fairness to the organizers, we'd had a couple of wild nights and even this morning was bad but here we were in Descartes, on a lovely winter's afternoon - no crystal ball here then!

The town square has been covered in 'snow' under the careful watch of  René's statue ( which appears  to have had a paint job).
I don't suppose M. Descartes ever thought he'd be looking down on eskimos, igloos, penguins and polar bears but then I suspect he had other things on his mind!

Not wishing to waste such a pleasant afternoon, we decided to take a walk along the river and through the gardens, which are a delight at any time of year.

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