Sunday, 4 December 2011

Ra Beatles...

On our recent trip to Chatellerault we were walking around near 'Les Halles' when we saw a second smaller tourist office (does the town really need 2?) which was advertising a concert for May 2012.  I had to do a double take.There is a Beatles tribute band here in France and they are coming to Chatellerault. I enquired inside - once I distracted the web-surfer in this not busy office, to ask the ticket price. They are 36 euros each! Now I am a big Beatles fan and might have been interested but not at that price.  Apparently they have been making a good living from this since 1999. 

Here are the Rabeats in concert - judge for yourself.

Footnote: One of my favourite concerts ever was Wings at the SECC in Glasgow 1990 where Paul featured some of the Beatles hits - great! You can see the set-list for that night here. Sadly I still have the ticket stub.

One of my all-time favourite albums is  Wings' 'Band on the run'.                                                     Favourite Beatles album? Revolver/Abbey Road equal . 


  1. I can see where you are coming from. I've never really been a Beatles fan, although I do appreciate their music.

    My all time favourite would be either Hotel California by the Eagles or Desire by Bob Dylan, with the Eagles just slightly ahead. Jim, you could have started something here...

    Only 3 dots!

  2. Gaynor,

    Love the Eagles - do a couple of their songs on karaoke! - one of which is Lyin' eyes - which is actually just a little too long.

  3. We've seen the Eagles a few times in concert and they NEVER disappoint! The main thing is whether your audience think that Lyin'eyes is a little too long ... ;o))

  4. Sadly I think sometimes they do! Pauline and I saw them at Hamden park in Glasgow when they said how glad they were to be in Edinburgh!!! - didn't go down too well - but put on a great show. One of the highlights was Joe Walsh doing 'Life's been good'.