Thursday, 15 December 2011

Under cover ...

Because of the inclement weather on our visit to Tours on Friday we sought out as many opportunities to be undercover as possible thus we ended up in 'les Halles' the city's indoor market, a place we had not actually visited in all our trips here. They are splendid indeed with quality butchers (so many - how does someone choose?) fresh fruit and veg.stalls plus many more.

There is also the 'Palais des Epices' where you will find all the spices and pulses you'll ever need.

But what really caught my eye was someone leading a very large dog out of the market at the other end of the halls - with a second look I realised it was in fact a goat! I tried to take a quick pic - below is the result  - sorry about the quality.


  1. Meat on markets tends to be fresh... but this fresh?

  2. What really surprised us was the fact no one seemed to turn a hair - obviously normal practice here - taking the goat for a walk!