Thursday, 29 December 2011

A walk around...

On a bright and crisp Christmas Eve morning we took our first stroll in this our favourite city. We walked down to the lovely little 'Parc Monceau' from where we caught a familiar site of one of Paris's iconic landmarks.

It was nice to be back and how lucky were we with the weather!

As  we walked back the streets threw up their usual host of delights - the 'Santa Voleurs' had even followed us. It was so quiet - as this slip road off the normally packed 'Peripherique' demonstrates.


  1. The last shot will be almost unrecognisable to most people travelling in and around Paris!

    Word verification is Comegic! Nice one!!

  2. This was the day to try the 'peripherique' out if you had not done it before - though it would only be useful for the geography of it, as the real experience can be something else.(Affectionately referred to as 'Terrif-eek' or 'Petriphi' by visitors)