Saturday, 24 December 2011

First French Christmas..

This will be our first Christmas here in France and the first time wait for 38 years, we have been on our own at this time of year - it will be different! We have also had 31 Christmases  with our sons and as I put up the tree for the first time here in France, I have to admit to having more than a touch of nostalgia wash over me - and this from a bah-humbug guy!

We have decided that due to my brother Robert's health issues that it is not really a time for much celebration - the tree is our attempt at acknowledging that Christmas will be here no matter what we do. Robert would probably tell us not to be so stupid and get on with it. He is still using his humour to help him through - he told us the other day the specialist has asked him to come back on the 9th January - to which he replied that he hopes it is an appointment he can keep! 


  1. Happy Christmas, Jim and Pauline.
    Sorry to hear about your brother's poor health. I hope you manage to have a nice time anyway - as you say, Christmas comes regardless of whatever else is going on in your lives.

  2. Hope you had an enjoyable time> It comes as a shock doesn't it?
    This year will be the first time in 26 years that we haven't celebrated with our children. They are off living the independent lives we tried to prepare them for. We have taken ourselves off to the Haute Savoie skiing and had a brilliant Chtistmas day on perfect snow in brilliant sunshine on near empty slopes.

    Still my thoughts were on absent family ...

    Sorry to read about your brother. Difficult times for you all.