Wednesday, 24 October 2012

.A place to rest your head...

By the time we arrived at our hotel (10pm) in the museum quarter of Amsterdam we were a bit out of sorts after our travelling but we still managed to head into the city centre for a meal in a good little Italian restaurant   
before heading back to our charming little street.

Our room was small but we decided as we would not be spending a great deal of time in it, it would do...

...that was before we spent an uncomfortable night in a bed that we discovered had started life as a single bed and had been given a rather crude extension - they moved us to a much superior room after breakfast. 

In the top picture there are a couple of things to point out that we saw as very characteristic elements of the city. The protruding beam from the rooftop that aids furniture movements...

...and the ability of the locals to cycle and hold an umbrella.

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