Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Riving swimming in the Loire...

Many visitors to our part of France enquire about river swimming. The idea of swimming in the Loire river itself must hold an attraction to many 'wild river' swimmers but sadly its not encouraged or even permitted in some sections because of its dangerous currents and shifting sandbanks. It's tributaries however offer many opportunities for river swimming with many towns offering artificial beaches.

We are very lucky here in our little part of France and the Loire Valley to be blessed with a number of options for river and lake swimming, with the Creuse river virtually on our doorstep offering safe and guarded swimming as well as its beach between Barrou and Lesigny.

This year because of the low rainfall the local kids had a great time in the river at Barrou itself and indeed some guests at Le Bourg couldn't resist its temptation either with daily swims from the bottom of the garden.

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