Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Choco-late festival...and last years model.

When we saw Colin & Elizabeth's (who have just celebrated two years in their French home) car in the car park of the Festival du Chocolat at Parc des Expos in Chatellerault on Saturday we knew they would be first past this particular post, what with my 'Church on Sunday' taking precedence. Anyway we had wanted to visit it after their enticing post last time around when we chose an alternative distraction.  

Any colour you want!
I'd have to say that I felt the entrance fee was a little steep given that to get the equivalent 'tasting samples' in  value wasn't easy (true Scotsman) as most of the stalls offered only mouse size portions - some none at all. Also the prices for the chocolates and macaroons were too rich for us - though we did eventually break out and buy a small box as a treat for Christmas day.

Not these little fellows though - couldn't bring myself to eat them!

As C & E said the creative juices were flowing
One for the global market?

We didn't wait to see Mona's smile being added

This fellow had the lion's share of the attention but I much preferred last year's model from C & E's visit!

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  1. We noted that the Kama Sutra chocolate was in a slightly more discrete position (and by 'position' I mean in relation to the other goods on show!!) than last year!!