Monday, 15 October 2012

Ending on a high note...

On Tuesday we said goodbye to our last guests of the season at 'Les Balcons' and where we will miss the meeting and interaction with our guests,  we won't miss the hard work of 'changeover' days. The season has been good to us with guests from Scotland, England, Ireland, Australia and USA. I think it was our friend Nicole, who also offers accommodation locally, who said that one of the great things about this business is that the world comes to you! This is so true and we like the fact that the houses we offer are used to bring different parts of the world together - our last set of guests were couples from Australia and the USA
rendezvousing in Europe - like many before them.

 Our guests have been very generous with their comments in our guestbooks though some may be difficult to live up to like 'Jim & Pauline rock' (you know who you are) and our most recent inclusion:

"Five star experience- thanks to Jim & Pauline for, not only, providing such a well equipped home but for all the advice and assistance - some beyond the 'call of duty'. We travel around the world a lot and you have made this 'world class'."
Art Shulman & Linda Roseman, Melbourne, Australia + Stan & Wendy Finger, USA

Where we do not think, personally, that we have reached these giddy heights, it is a good feeling knowing that the hard work we put in to making our guests' stay as comfortable and as interesting as possible is appreciated.

We wish to thank all our guests for choosing to take their Loire Valley Experience with us.


  1. Jim and Pauline, knowing you we don't doubt that you have more than delivered the service and standards your guests are suggesting. It's not always easy or in our nature to accept praise but we're sure it's more than merited, so bask in it and enjoy the break before the whole round of change overs begins again. You deserve it!

  2. These days people rarely say things they don't mean. We agree with Elizabeth and Colin, take the praise at face value and enjoy the sunny glow.