Saturday, 27 October 2012

Upfront shop fronts...

Here are some shots of Amsterdam shop fronts which are self explanatory... prizes for guessing what this shop sells - Delftware on display...

...this shop wouldn't look out of place in Betz le Chateau, would have liked to have spent a long time in here looking at the iconic album sleeves - would that have made mean 'elpee'? The Banana is from 'The Velvet Underground and Nico' and is of course by Andy Warhol. 

Love the Dutch for longplayer - 'Langspeelplaat', that's probably why they use elpee!

You can just hear them after sampling this shops delights "We are the friend"

Smokers paradise?

Nothing to say about this pic....other than I was not sure what size to make it!

There are of course other shop fronts in this interesting city for 'window shopping' but I did not think it appropriate to take photographs. 

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  1. We love the one in the top left of the last picture... Looks like a mole ahhhhhhhhhhh...