Sunday, 17 November 2013

Church on Sunday...Sancerre

Sancerre's Notre Dame church is there because of the efforts of the then local parish priest (1658 -1652) Father Gourru who purchased land near the old church of St. John using his own money to start the building  of a new church. The first stone was laid in February 1652 but sadly Father Gourru died in August of the same year. This lead to the project being halted and it was not until 94 years later in 1754 that construction resumed ,thanks to the generosity of a benefactor. It was eventually completed using some of the older church's materials in 1777.

The church has a wide central nave plus plus two side aisles, all with vaulted ceilings... 

...leading to an attractive choir and altar within the apse.

One of the side aisles leads to a chapel dedicated to Saint Vincent...

...and the second to the 'Blessed Virgin'

As you would expect, there is a fine carved pulpit.

Where's Joan,,,,

During the French Revolution the church was sold and used for as place for parties and celebrations - of the non-religious type before eventually being returned to its ecclesiastical duties.

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