Thursday, 28 November 2013

Provence part 5...on with the job.

One of the rewards for my wall building was a visit to the local 'cave' where, with our 'connections', we enjoyed a 30% discount - but first the job had to be completed...

...and it was.

We are big fans of 'Cote de Ventoux' and it was good to buy bottles which included grapes from the 'family' vineyard.

This photograph looking over the vines towards mount Venteaux should having perhaps given us a clue as to what was to come - notice what was the first snow of the year on its summit.


  1. We've holidayed near Mont Ventoux a number of times, with our caravan, when the kids were younger. We had a particularly nice stay near a village called Sault visiting their lavender festival. I think we liked it because the village we live in is also called Salt.

    1. It has many fond memories for us too - I recall our first real site of lavender fields was 'jaw-dropping'.