Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Sancerre road-trip part 2...the Scottish connection

The second stop on our Sancerre trip was at Aubigny-sur-Nére - this was a bit of a pilgrimage for me as the
town has a very strong Scottish connection which you can read about here.

The connection becomes apparent as soon as you enter the town...you are met by a hairy Scottish piper in the middle of the roundabout.

It is then reinforced by the Scottish castle in the centre of town. It is here because The town was given to Scot John Stuart of Darnly who helped Charles VII defeat the English during the Hundred years' war. The king was short of funds so he gave the town as a reward instead - why this particular town I don't know.

The town is very pretty and it is difficult to imagine that the town was devastated in 1512 by a major fire which meant it almost had to be fully rebuilt/

There is a further British connection with the inclusion of a red telephone box in town.

The town's streets are filled with the sound of bagpipes every year with their annual celebration of their Scottish connection which includes a march past of their very own pipe band in full highland dress...they actually have their own Tartan.

Just outside of town is the very Scottish looking 'Chateau de la Verrerie' which was built by the Stuarts and was where Mary Queen of Scots was betrothed to Francoise I


  1. Very Interesting, looks a great place with lots of history. Even the weather did you proud and made you feel at home!!

  2. Och laddie... e'en Scotch mist was with ye!!
    What a great place...