Saturday, 23 November 2013

Provence road-trip... part 1

The reason we had been down in Provence was to visit my brother Richard and his wife Francoise who are lucky enough to have had a house built in the village where Francoise was brought up.

Taken on this trip - with lovely blue skies.
It had been 4 years since our last visit (how time flies) to them there, though we get over to see them in Paris every year.

We (well me really) decided that we should use our 13 year old Honda for the trip as it is more comfortable for long drives, has cruise control and it had been a while since it had any sort of holiday due to its unreliability.This unreliability stemmed from the fact that it would refuse to start in any sort of extreme (well actually not that extreme) weather - too cold or too hot - 'no not today thank you'.
A search on 'google' identified the problem as the relay which our friends Mike and Liz brought back a replacement for from the UK. A quick tutorial video by a very nice lady on 'YouTube' and problem solved -oh the power of the internet!

My meticulous planning consisted of a quick reminder of the main towns enroute using my trusty 'Collins' how time flies (have I already said that?)

Did I say we have never invested in sat-nav, have no smartphones and the radio in the car doesn't work....just setting the scene - more on Monday. 


  1. Just noticed the date on your map... Our sat nav map is 2010 and does not have a lot of new French roads on it, we find ourselves driving on nothing... With a map that OLD you have NO chance.