Monday, 25 November 2013

Provence road trip... part 2

At first, the choice of our Honda as the preferred means of travel down to Provence seemed to be a good one as our (around) 700 km trip there went fairly smoothly - other than a French lady allowing her door to be caught in the wind and giving the car another one of those little dents that are so common in French cars that I think they should be 'designed in'.We had mixed weather but came through it relatively unscathed It was interesting to find new roads not listed in my 1996 Collins atlas - making the journey a bit more interesting, our destination, the village of 'Mormoiron' didn't even justify a mention way back then but we managed to find it, even after it being a wee while since we last visited.

We arrived to fine weather with this view from our bedroom window greeting us on our first morning.

We settled in quickly as Richard and Francoise make it so easy to get comfortable in these beautiful surroundings. It was however always going to be a bit a 'busman's holiday' for me as I was down to build a second internal dividing wall between his garage and the house which would keep me busy for a few days...

...especially with the complicated steelwork required  - always enjoy a challenge.

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  1. It is great stuff to use and you don't half make progress!