Sunday, 13 July 2014

Church on Sunday...Saint George's Chapel, Rochecorbon

On a recent trip over to Vouvray we decided to try our luck and see if the little Saint Georges Chapel in Rochcorbon was open...and this time it was.

Saint Georges used to be a small village in its own right but as its population diminished it was absorbed into the larger Rochecorbon (1808). As you drive along the banks of the Loire towards Rochecorbon from Tours keep you eyes open for a small (very) sign on your right ,first major road off to the left. 

For such a small place it is full interesting things..

Not least, its 12th century frescoes...

  depicting the last supper.

More pics...will add more detail when I add it to my 'churches'page on


  1. We've taken that road scores of time over the last 15 years. Never noticed the sign, nor the chapel though. When I tried to imagine where it was, I somehow misread your directions and thought that you were sending us straight into the Loire River ... like our GPS tried to do once :). Thanks for pointing out this lovely place. We are going to put on our to-see-list the next time we're in La Touraine.

  2. I am sure I took a pic. of the sign once on a drive-by but it's lost in my collection. It is another of those places that you wonder if it's a case of the local tourist board not wishing it to receive too many visitors!