Thursday, 31 July 2014

Is it just me?...

There is an evening market this Friday in Descartes from 6.00pm on the Quai Couratin, along the riverside near Le Pont Henri IV bridge. I know this because the tourist office sent me an email to remind me...they do a good job of this but how would people who are not on the list find out?

If you put in the search 'marché (needs the é) nocturne, Descartes' in google the first thing you get is a PDF of last years events in the town! The official 'Touraine' site gives it a plug as does 'La Nouvelle Republique' but nothing from the town itself. The town's 'agenda' page shows little happening at all!

The pro-active touraine du sud site doesn't show it on their 'events' page but at least there is a link to their 'events newsletter' for August which includes it.

The email from the tourist office included a copy of the above poster but I found it prior to receiving this on a
 'google image' search on Saint-Flovier's 'agenda' page !! 

Now I know it is a small event but if they can't promote the small ones properly...

The group who are providing the music (9.00pm) for the night at 'Bar Saulaie' at the end of the Quai, "Laids Crétins des Alpes"(Ugly Raving Alps) sound interesting. If you wish to eat at the bar you have to make a reservation 02 47 92 32 26 says the tourist site or 02 47 53 70 33 or 032 47 92 93 54 according to the poster!

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