Sunday, 27 July 2014

Having your cake and eating it...

It certainly was...topped of by three(11 inch dia,) great gateaux one with 'Happy birthday' one with 'Joyeux anniversaire' and the one above. These were made by our local traiteur M.Torset who did a great job.

Friday morning was clear up time at the 'Salle des Fetes', although it was made easier by friends who stayed on at the end of Thursday evening to 'break the back' of the job.They rallied round again to  make it  go very smoothly -just as they had at the set up,couldn't have done it without them! Then it was back to us for lunch using some (so much food) of the leftovers.Colin and Margaret couldn't stay for lunch but need thanked so much along with these fine people.

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