Friday, 18 July 2014

No strings attached...

Second stop on Sunday was the antique fair at Richelieu. On arrival we were a bit disappointed to see only a few clothing stalls in the large square in front of the church plus some stalls within the recently renovated covered market.

As we strolled through the market out the other side we were pleased to see the streets lined with stalls...  

offering some exquisite pieces that were way out of our price bracket but it was good to 'window shop' even without the windows!

It was the middle of lunchtime when we arrived and it was interesting to see how the stall holders took advantage of  the quiet period.The couple above choose to watch a movie (?) while the couple below, who were in the covered market, set up a table in the centre of their stall and looked very comfortable.

 Interestingly they were happy to have their photograph taken but did not want any photographs taken of their stock!

 My favourite items were the ones above...if they could talk, what stories would they tell? Would have been perfect in old silent movies for example. Mike who was with us said you could buy them 'no strings atached' stealing my punchline!

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