Thursday, 10 July 2014

My first steps...part 1

No, not as a child, I am referring to my June 'project' at 'Le Bourg' where the mixing and laying of much concrete lead to the ultimate formation of a new set of steps down to the 'lower garden' at the rear of the house. 

The steps have over the years had many incarnations - originally there was a straight set of stone steps down the side of the perimeter wall but it became overgrown and unusable.The next one which twisted and turned down the slop was formed using felled trees holding back earth and gravel. This lasted a long time but over the years erosion has made them unsafe.

Miki, the owner of the house had tried to improve the situation by adding tiles she had and again this helped for a while before they began to slip down the slope.

 Because of the twist and turns my first task was to come up with a framework that I could use to form the steps in sections...that done...

I could start to mix and pore the concrete.

More tomorrow...

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