Wednesday, 16 July 2014

'Lunch Bunch' - supporting your local restaurant...

The 'Lunch Bunch' is an idea that came from a discussion  at the 'Barroudeurs' music night where we were talking about meeting up with friends Mike and Liz for lunch in their local restaurant in Lesigny. Other friends asked to join us and before we knew it we were 16 in numbers. So last Wednesday we had our first 'Lunch Bunch' get together at the restaurant there. For those who don't know, you can get a good three course lunch here, with cheese and often free wine for around €14.00 midweek.So its something to do without breaking the bank with the advantage of having ready made good company.

Yesterday we invited friends to join us in Barrou  at 'Les Tillauls' where Willi and Sandra did us proud, serving up a fine lunch on the terrace in the sunshine. Add in good company and how can you fail?

It is not something we have to do every week but we think it's a good idea for bringing people together and there is no pressure for anyone to attend any particular event nor do we need to have big numbers every time - though it is fun - could be you are just looking for company for lunch! It is also a good way to try different restaurants. Let us know if you want to be included in any future 'Lunch Bunch' get-togethers. Where to next? -looking forward to it already!

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  1. Hi Jim and Pauline,
    Sounds like an excellent idea and something one could dip in and out of as time allows.
    Please include us in any mailings and we'll join you and your friends, if we can.
    Best wishes
    Gaynor and Tim