Monday, 21 July 2014

Sunday's brocante and the ace of spades...

Crossed the river Creuse at Descartes yesterday to have a look around the brocante at Buxeuil. Clouds were gathering but we managed to get around before any showers...

                      although because of this enterprising stall it would not have been a problem anyway!

The village tried to brighten the day by adding a bit of colour but the weather forecast meant the visitor numbers were down - as were the number of stall holders taking up their 'pitch'.

We weren't sure if this chap was for sale,had been sold or was protecting some treasure but he seemed happy enough.

Favourite items of the day was this knitted telephone cover for those cold winter days

 and this padded bar...every home should have one!

We picked up this pair of shovels for €10.00

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