Sunday, 26 October 2014

Church on Sunday...St Sauveur Basilica,Dinan

This Sunday we are taking you inside the 12th century St Sauveur Basilica in Dinan (no surprise there I hear you say). It was commissioned by a local returning knight from the Crusades who wanted to show his appreciation for having survived the campaign.

As you enter the church through the Romanesque portals you are actually using the only real remains of the 12th century building as the church was extensively rebuilt and extended during the 15th and 16th centuries using a mix of architectural styles. A bell tower was added in the 17th century but was destroyed by lighting and replaced in the 18th century. 

Although the work was pretty much ongoing for a century and a half it did not stop the building being used for its purpose. The results on a bright sunny day  such as we had on our visit mean that what could be a rather gloomy place uses the light to its best advantage.

As you walk along the nave towards the impressive altar and ambulatory chapels you are drawn in by the light of the windows high above you.

The light continues to play its part as you walk along the side aisles.

Loved the pews

Where's Joan?...she is here in what is probably one of our favourite representations. 

The former graveyard to the rear of the basilica is now the 'Le Jardin Anglais' which offers panoramic views of the valley below from the ramparts.

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