Thursday, 23 October 2014

Crepes, galettes & cidre...part II

As we were driving into Dinan I asked the navigator where we would be able to find our little chambre-d'hote but she hadn't printed off the directions...ah well nothing like driving into a strange town with no idea where you are headed! Not to worry we headed for the tourist board where a lovely young lady showed us how to get there. It was located just outside the fortifications of the town along from the ancient gate of Porte Saint.Malo.  A site that would become very familiar to us as we made our way back forth from the town.

The chambre-d'hote was situated,according to the owner, beside the only free parking in the town. This was apparently because the mayor of the town lived nearby so that was a stroke of luck!

We spent the afternoon and evening familiarising ourselves with the layout of this very pretty town so as to make the most of our time there.

We also felt we should taste the local drink - cider, which proved to be most palatable - and interestingly served in a prohibition style cup!

 We also took the opportunity to book our anniversary (39) meal at the splendid  'Chez Mer la Pourcel' for the following evening. 

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