Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Homme free!

As we arrived in Ligueil on Sunday we were met by these happy ladies, pleased with their purchases and happy to have left their hubbies at home something they had plotted on an earlier blogpost.

Jean's pic.

One sad thing re our visit to Ligueil was discovering that 'Le Croissant' had closed down - it was Jean who had put us on to this place back in 2011.It is always sad to see this as small villages / towns here in France desperately need to keep a hold of as much commerce as possible. 


  1. Now all we need is that comprehensive list of brocantes and space to store our bargain purchases!!

    One drawback of being 'home free' is that there isn't a porter to carry the bargains. ;o)

    1. Buy a book for 2015 then you can really plan....

  2. I didn't know Le Croissant had closed. Another one! We only ate there once and it was very busy. I guess once is not enough to keep a restaurant open so I now feel guilty..........but there are so many restaurants and so little time, not to mention money now that we are "pensioners".
    Maybe there is a natural cycle to these things. Restaurants in Preuilly, Cussay and of course Le Grand-Pressigny have all reopened after a couple of years of being closed.
    At the other end of the gastronomic scale I read that the Agnes Sorrel in Genillé has also closed.