Friday, 24 October 2014

Crepes, galettes & cidre...part III

On the Saturday morning we did a walk around the walls of the town, had me thinking of Loches as we went on our way. The main castle / keep sits on the southern corner of the town's fortifications but we had to wait until the afternoon to have a look inside as it didn't open until 1.30pm. 

There have been some sympathetic additions to the wall...

and some less so!

This is a view from the 13th century ramparts on the eastern side of town looking down on 'Port Dinan' (more on this later).

Then there is a narrow walk back up towards our gate at Saint Malo.

We did return to the castle for a walk around, it was interesting without being  exiting.

As we were going around the outside we saw the twisted drawbridge and there was a view of it from the inside too.

The best part was the climb (150 steps) to the top of the keep where there was little in way of obstructions to the great views. The only reference to health and safety was a sign saying children should be accompanied - I think that would be a good idea.

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