Monday, 27 October 2014

Crepes, galettes & cidre...part V

Le Port de Dinon sits on the river Rance below the main town of Dinan. The little port serves as a link between the town and Saint Malo-on the coast. During the 18th century  weavers made it a busy little place making canvases for sails.

Nowadays it is a haven for sailors and tourists alike.There are boat trips along the river or to the fortress of St-Malo and the Channel Islands generating a fairly constant flow of traffic.

The view from the port looking back to the imposing 19th century 40mtr high viaduct that towers over the 15th century river bridge.

There are some pretty buildings along the riverside as well as a plethora of restaurants. We chose to have a traditional lunch of galette followed by a crepe accompanied by a cup of the local cider.

It was great to be eating outside in October!

Here are a couple of pics I took of photographs in the castle museum showing the port before and after the building of the viaduct.

Plus how it looks today.

If you get the chance it's a lovely place for a weekend break.

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