Friday, 10 October 2014

La Folie...

We had often sat at the traffic lights at the junction where the D50 from Veigne meets Rue Nationale on the way up to Tours and looked over at the busy carpark at the the adjacent restaurant 'La Folie'.
To us this is always a good sign of good food at competitive prices but we had never tried it - we were always either passing before or after lunch as we'd be on 'a mission' of some sort and as anyone will tell you you can't complete much over lunchtime...except a good lunch perhaps!  

On the way up to Tours yesterday to pick up Miki (the owner of 'Le Bourg') we noticed it had reopened after a bit of a makeover so, as it was in fact a lunchtime train we were meeting, decided to try it on the way back to Barrou.

The new interior is very modern and comfortable. We had a lamb tagine (there was thee other choices) which was very tasty. A couple of things we didn't like so much were the fact that you selected your desert from a chill cabinet and had to take your coffee from a little machine (you can see it on the left above) but overall it was tasty and good value for money.

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