Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Good day Monday...

Yesterday with friends Mike  &  Liz we headed back over to our favourite vintner Pascal Berthelot at Husseau just along the river from Montlouis-sur-Loire to stock up on our favourite sparkly tipple. After taking an unnecessary apero (we are rather familiar with the taste) with madam we went in search of a restaurant for lunch. A Monday isn't the best day for this as we and some of our friends know but we took the chance. We first headed into Montlouis-sur-Loire where we actually found a couple of restaurants open but the first's menu had a main dish of '3 fish' - fish on a Monday? we did not think this was a great idea. We then asked a local lady for an alternative she directed us to one which had that typical French dish, lasagne on the menu. Then we decided to drive back to a restaurant we thought we had seen open in nearby Veretz.
As we arrived  I met a French couple I had saw turn away from the 'fish' restaurant we both then discovered that it was in fact closed! Monsieur suggested we try St.Avertin on the way into Tours.

 We drove past the hôtel restaurant 'Le Faisan' on the way in and decided to try it. As we entered the maze of dining rooms which were very busy we were sure we had made a good choice. There was an unbelievable choice of seven dishes for each course and at only € 13.50 it was great value. It was not the most salubrious of places but the good mix of worker / businessmen was testament to its popularity...or was it because it was a Monday?     

We ended the afternoon having a cuppa in the sunshine of our courtyard...October the 27th! Then it was a walk and another cuppa with French neighbours...good day!

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