Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Not milking it for what it's worth...

On the way home from Sunday's brocante at Chedigny we decided to pop in on the 'Fête du Lait' at Ligueil.

It was all very quiet with little or no reference to 'lait' and the brocante thinly spread around the town.I have since discovered that they are taking a year off as the the festival's President François Boirel pointed out in the 'La Nouvelle Rrepublique': "Organizing such an event, takes a lot of work and at least six months of preparation, "continuing "I noticed that there were fewer people to help set up the different stands, and disassembly. I noticed some shortness of breath " Hence the decision of the association to give a year off. (?) In the past we have not seen much evidence of much of a 'milk' theme, certainly not six month of preparation. Although in 2012 we did have a cow and its calf.

This year we only had a bear!

It was (not) nice to see the men of the village actually used their outside loo on the church wall.


  1. Gaynor and I had a great time, being able to give every stall our full attention by virtue of not having the husbands around to cramp our style!
    Consequently we thought it was a terrific brocante and picked up quite a few little bargains.
    It seemed to be mostly locals selling off their stuff rather than dealers, which was good.
    We didn't notice any evidence of cows though!

  2. You have pre-empted tomorrows post...