Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Boys and the black stuff...

Just back from a very enjoyable long weekend of golf in Tramore in southern Ireland. It's an event that started 20 years ago and this was the venue for our inaugural outing. I had gone on the first 13 outings but when we moved to France I sadly called an end to what were very enjoyable times with some great characters. When asked if I wanted to join them on their 20th anniversary trip there was always only going to be one answer. We stayed at the same hotel,played the same courses and even had the same mini-bus driver from 20 years ago! O'Shea's welcomed us like the prodigal sons - all 14 of us - and they even put up a prize for our last days golf.

One of the best aspects of these trips for me has always been the camaraderie of the group and although there have been changes in the groups make-up over the years there has rarely, if ever been a cross word. Considering the differences in backgrounds and upbringings...and loads of alcohol consumption...this is a credit to all of them. There is a great deal of banter (big Ian is the master) and you have to your thick- skin layer on but the results are often hilarious.

We were blessed with beautiful weather, as we have in so many other years and this along with the fabulous courses made the golf a pleasure even for someone who has only played a handful of times in the last six years!

A big thank you goes to my good friends Bert (right) for taking on the unenviable task of organising the trip and also to Iain ('Bo') (left) and Matt (below) who have been so much involved in the organizing of previous trips.

One scary part of the trip for me was it felt like it was only yesterday since we were last here!

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