Sunday, 21 September 2014

Church on Sunday...Saint Sulpice, Le Louroux

Yesterday as part of the Patrimoine weekend we visited the abbey farm at Le Louroux 

The complex contains the church of Saint Sulpice which was open to the public for the day.The oldest parts of the church dates from 910 though what you see externally today is mainly 12th /13th century.

It has a single nave with a panelled barrel ceiling leading to a narrower choir.

The fine altarpiece within the choir is from the 18th century...

it includes a tabernacle which was purchased from monies willed by a wealthy local farmer in 1729

 Haven't seen this fellow in many churches - St Fiacre - patron saint of farmers (spade probably gives it away) who was originally from Ireland,

Where's Joan?

 She is featured...with a sadly broken sword.

               Glad we got to see inside as driven past so may times and always been curious

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