Monday, 29 September 2014

Beautiful village brocante...

Yesterday we chose to visit the brocante in the beautiful village of Chedigny with friends and neighbours Norman and Margaret. We decided to go as it was a lovely day and as they had never actually visited here it was a chance to show them what they were missing.

They didn't obviously see it at its best as its pretty streets were filled with vendors selling every thing from livestock (the shade making sure roast duck wasn't on the menu)... the kitchen sink

but there were still opportunities to catch glimpses of just how pretty it was.

It would appear from items on display that the village's rowing club has been disbanded (if it ever had one) or its fitness regime had come to an end.

There was also the inevitable abandoned cuddly toy.

In the afternoon we decided to stop in on the 'Fête du Lait' in Ligueil...more tomorrow.

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  1. When we arrived a guy was carrying one rowing machine to his car!!