Monday, 15 September 2014


Our 'National Bard' Robert Burns said, “Oh the gift that God would give us to see ourselves as others see us.”

Well here's French-born Chef Albert Roux's take on it from the Mail online::

‘I go back to France as little as possible. I find the French as a whole very pedantic. They think they know better than anybody. In the restaurant trade most of the time they are constipated. 
'The French think they have the best wine, the best food. But the British know about wine and food.
‘They don’t know how to smile and say thank you. Not all of them, but many.
‘They know this very well because the government never fail to tell them to be more friendly. You have 85 million tourists coming to France on a yearly basis. We should be far more hospitable to the people who come and spend money with us. We’re not."

Would have to say on the whole we have found the French both kind and welcoming here in rural France. Every country has a mix of 'types' and this is normally what makes them (the countries) interesting.

Knowing better than anyone,pedantic...well that's another matter!!

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