Sunday, 7 September 2014

Church on Sunday...St. Vincent de Paul Church in Blois

Unlike the neighbouring cathedral, the church of St. Vincent de Paul Church in Blois is anything but stark. From its flamboyant exterior to its richly decorated interior it is perhaps a result of the Catholic Church's 'Counter- reformation' of the 17th century.  

The church elaborate altarpiece was created in 1670 by scultor and wood carver Gaspard Imbert.

The main centrepiece of the altar contains the"apparition of the Virgin"which replaced a painting which was probably stolen during the Revolution. Not sure how much damage was done but it seems to have survived relatively intact. The church, the former chapel of a Jesuit college  in the city was abandoned during the Revolution. After restoration work in the early part of the the 19th century the chapel became a parish church in 1847 under the patronage of Saint Vincent de Paul.

The domed ceiling is a joy.

The pulpit

The organ

Most of the stained glass windows were blown out during WWII with the window on the left being one of the few remaining originals - the others being replaced by contemporary designs

The chapel of 'Our Lady of Sorrow'

Side chapel dedicated to St. Vincent de Paul.

A rare dedication to one of my favourite saints - St.Gerard Majella... 

plus a very non-military version of 'our Joan' 

Well worth a visit.

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