Monday, 1 September 2014

Moving numbers.

It was interesting to see how the French handled renaming a street on Simon and Susan's blog last week but what about street numbers?

As you can clearly see from the photographs above and below our friends Mike and Liz live at number 1 'Chemin de la Railliere' a hamlet just outside Lesigny, or do they?

If you look closely at photo number one you will see that not only is there a number 1 on the pillar... 

but also a number 24 on their postbox...confused?

 Well, not only that, if you back-up the lane a few metres you will find this street sign.

New houses have been added up the hill so the hamlet has now been absorbed into the village with subsequent number and streetname changes but with none of the benefits of their sewage system...but that's another story.


  1. Great. Ours is even stranger with each side of the road YES each side having a different name....

  2. Ahh France...

    PS Thanks again for plants.