Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Change of plan.

Our last guests for the season at 'Le Bourg', Penny and Ivan from Perth, Australia thought that the end of September was a good time to visit the Loire Valley even though they might miss the best of the sunshine -  well how lucky were they, temperatures of 29 degrees and everything looking bright and sunny! They had actually originally wanted the 'Old Walnut Mill' but due to the roadworks we offered them 'Le Bourg' along the road as an alternative as that part of the street was completed during the first phase of the works.

As you can see from the above pic.they would have found getting in and out of the house slightly difficult!

They had arrived in the Loire Valley on Saturday (24th Sept.) evening after a days travelling where they had been on five different trains to get from Switzerland to us here in Barrou. They took advantage of the great car hire deal from the supermarket 'Super U' which you can read about here. Because of their arrival time on Saturday they had to wait until the Monday to pick it up.We took them into Descartes market on the Sunday morning plus had a little walk around the town's pretty gardens, often missed by visitors. 

Then we took them to a brocante in the village of Ligueil where they were treated to some traditional dancing. So a good introduction to Southern Touraine.

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