Monday, 10 October 2011

Her art was pants!

A bit like the Betz le Chateau's 'banana party' the village of Le Petit-Pressigny's 'Fete d'automme' which goes under the heading of  'l'art et lard' had intrigued me. So off Pauline and I went yesterday to see what it was all about. It consists of a food market ( marche gourmond) and arts & crafts market (marche artisanal), with the art being displayed in the homes and gardens of the locals - which is a great idea for someone like me who can appreciate the houses as well !

The drizzly start to the morning meant a damp start to the festivities with the bouncy castle remaining deflated along with the atmosphere.

These types of Loire Valley events rely on fair weather conditions and the efforts of the village deserved better - hopefully it would improve as the day went on.

The most interesting (?) display Pauline and I found was by Coco Texedre - with her show of 'pants' (hence the title) in various forms of art media. 

We bought a lovely book of  paintings of the Canton de Loches by Nathalie Desperches-Boukhatem which is further enhanced by the inclusion of  portraits of a senior citizens of each of the towns and villages she features.

We are blessed here in the Loire Valley and France with the way these type of events are supported - long may they continue.

As ever you can click on the pics. to enlarge.


  1. Hi Jim and Pauline,
    This will be my third attempt to leave this comment!
    I hope the weather picked up for l'art and lard. We have a home in Le petit-Pressigny, but as we aren't yet retired were unable to attend.
    I've only just caught up with your blog, but have read some interesting posts in your archive. I think I have visited your chateaux site before.
    Keep up the good work.
    Best wishes

  2. The weather did pick up,thankfully - we were lucky (or not as it turned out)enough to go to the races at La Roche Posay with some friends in the afternoon.


  3. Now I know why my "Art and All that stuff" page doesn't get many views.... I'll just have to get my pants out!!