Monday, 10 October 2011

Just as I suspected!

At 8.15 am this morning we had this fellow bang outside our front gates, yes as I suspected, work has started on tarmacing  the pavements today and our week of peace had ended.


Did you know the process for road laying as we know it today was actually the idea of a Scotsman - John McAdam born in Ayr in 1756 ( where Pauline lived from the age of 11). His method of laying large stones then smaller ones on top finished with gravel to bind everything together became known as the 'McAdam road' and the standard for road laying throughout Britain at the time. These roads were the forerunners of the bitumen based roads of today, known as tarmacadam after the man himself. Over time this has been shortened to tarmac.  Apparently the first actual tarmac road (in 1854) was laid in Paris - another French first.   

As we were leaving Le Petit Pressigny on Sunday morning we met Tim and Pauline who were going to savour some 'art and lard'. Pauline is a 'McAdam' and she had told us at an earlier meeting that at school she was sometimes called 'tarpaulin' - not too subtle for you I hope!

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