Monday, 31 October 2011

Bad beehaviour in the Loire....

Recently one of our neighbours invited us round to his garden to view the nest of what he called Japanese bees, apparently very aggressive and dangerous - especially to honey bees.
Then when we were over in La Rochelle the paper 'Sud Ouest' carried a two page article as the story of the month on these 'Asain Hornet' nests, with the heading 'Sus aux envahisseurs'. They stated that 66 nests had been found in the La Rochelle area.

Then when we get back quite a few people are talking about them - scary videos on Youtube,people dying after being stung - the honey bee population is under threat -the world will end! Was going to investigate it further before posting but notice Susan, ( 'Days on the Claise') who is better qualified to comment, has posted an item today on them under the heading 'Nija Wasps'

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