Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Price of progress.

Since the 29th of August part of our street, Grande Rue in Barrou has been the scene of a major overhaul and works.. We are having a new drain water pipe laid along the length of the road with all the house downpipes being led into it. At the same time we are having the road and pavements relaid. This has meant a fair amount of disruption and noise for we residents plus an inconvenient detour for through traffic. The first sign of the work starting was the delivery of the new pipes plus some equipment opposite our front gate.

This quickly led to the digging of the trench for the pipe along the length of the road being overhauled. This is really the second phase of the complete street improvement which is going to include some form of traffic calming. I would have to say that I have been impressed by the method and work-rate of the contractors  employed to do the work - they have at all times managed to keep at least one side of the road available to residents.

More on this later...

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