Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Circus a perdu!

Last night for our walk,we decided to go down to the stadium just outside the village (Barrou) and check out the circus' location and size. There were posters like the one on my previous post on almost every post as we made our way (too many posts?). I had previously pointed to an odd sign as we drove back to the village earlier in the day that seemed to be pointing in a different direction but decided it was all part of the déviation  due to our current roadworks (that are again at a standstill). On reaching the stade we found nothing , though the last poster did have an explanation. Apparently there was a problem re size,access perhaps,certainly not area but could they not have modified at least one of the posters actually in the village?  It was now behind the village workshops - ah France!

Still it was a pleasant walk and I got a couple more 'autumn' shots in.

We did eventually get to the big top and had a preview of some of the 'wild' animals, which seem to consist of a llama, a heavily bearded goat ,two miniature ponies and the most fierce - well it was the only one we could see still behind bars in its own large cage - a goose!

Their posters show a lion and zebra which we can only assume were too precious to be on show - can't wait for tonight's performance...

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