Sunday, 2 October 2011

You turn your back for a minute!

 My knowledge of gardening has improved with our little taste of 'the good life' during the summer- I don't mind admitting that I used to think that a  Zucchini and a Courgette were different vegetables. Being brought up on a Scottish diet, that only ever seemed to present vegetables, other than our staple potatoes,carrot and neeps  (turnips), in soup form, my education was limited on the 'greens' front.Thanks to my venture into horticulture - and Pauline, I now know they are the same plant.They are actually part of the cucurbit family of vegetables, impressive or what ? (good old Wiki.) This is reinforced by the recently discovered site : even though its a wee bit confusing; "Zucchini and courgette are different from each other although they pertain to the same vegetable family that is growing in its various stages of development."- plus you must not believe all you read on the net. Apparently they also evolve into marrows if  you turn your back on them for a minute! Or at least that's what happened to ours! 

Footnote: Wine bottle is only here for purpose of scale!

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