Saturday, 29 October 2011

The three towers of la Rochelle -'Tour Saint Nicolas'

After visiting the 'Tour de la Chaine' and the 'Lanterne Tower' we took a break for a pleasant lunch in the city's market area. With a renewed energy  we set out to view the last,or should it be first, tower of the three, the 'Tour Saint Nicolas'.

Probably the most iconic of the three towers in that it is the dominant image in promoting this great location the Tour Saint Nicolas  is described by the plaque outside as "offering a maze of  military facilities combined with an amazing royal residence" but you'll slightly disappointed in your quest to find these. What you really  have is an empty shell that was at one time a residence  with a guard room. It is the the building's many internal passageways that are interesting and as you make your way through them you cannot help but feel its sense of history.

 There is a double spiral staircase which meant that those in residence had a way of getting around without meeting up with the soldiers.

Your climb to the roof top terrace is again rewarded with the views over the city and port.

 We decided to make our way back down via the steeply inclined small spiral stairway - it was trickier than it looked and not for the faint hearted! You arrive not surprisingly in the inevitable gift shop. All in all the three towers visit, at 8 euros for the three, proved to be great value for money and one of the highlights of the weekend.

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